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3001, 2021

The big day that comes once a year

By |30/01/2021|News|

The headline describes the most important day for all the citizens of Dubrovnik, dedicated to its patron, Saint Blaise which takes place on Feb 3rd. The festival includes a series of church and secular happenings, concerts, book presentations, exhibitions and... READ MORE

3010, 2020

Our daily bread

By |30/10/2020|News|

The first charred crumbs of a flatbread made by Natufian hunter- gatherers from wild wheat, wild barley and plant go back to 14,600 to 11,600 years ago were found at the archaeological site in the Black Desert in Jordan. Many... READ MORE

3009, 2020

Cook with seasons

By |30/09/2020|News|

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Still warm and not too hot like summer, it’s perfect for me, I just wish it could last longer. It’s also the perfect time for socializing outdoors, doing picnics, for cooking, eating... READ MORE

2808, 2020

Let’s talk about wine

By |28/08/2020|News|

Very special harvest, 2020. has just started and I thought how this is the right time to talk something more about wines in Croatia. Many people before they visit our country don't know much about the long wine growing tradition.... READ MORE

3006, 2020

Cooking therapy – Yoga for the brain

By |30/06/2020|News|

Pandemic and adjusting to the new normal changed our life approach. It turned our lives upside down and forced us to juggle in not so normal conditions. During the lockdown, then in post-corona time to now second, or just prolonged... READ MORE

2405, 2020

„New normal“ or „new deal“?!

By |24/05/2020|News|

Thanks to the social networks and Internet that were our window to the world these couple of months, some new expressions have found their way to be implemented into dictionaries in 2020. First is „new normal“ – current state of... READ MORE

1004, 2020

Easter in “Fika” mood

By |10/04/2020|News|

Easter this year will be quite different than before and to be honest- it won't be so bad at all. Since I’m an entrepreneur and foodie running my own business, in other circumstances my life would’ve already become hectic with... READ MORE

2802, 2020

Home sweet home

By |28/02/2020|News|

From the ancient times Dubrovnik people cherished the importance of the sweet treats in their life. The most known candies were: marzipan, chocolate, quince cheese, mantala (a thick jelly made of grape must), gingerbread, carob cake, pine nut sweets, candied... READ MORE

1906, 2019

Meet locals and eat like locals

By |19/06/2019|News|

The core of travelling for me was always opportunity to get to know new culture, people, habits, life style and there is no better way but around the table with a full belly. Maybe I am even too devoted to... READ MORE

1404, 2019

Wild, wild food

By |14/04/2019|News|

There is something in human nature that we are always attracted with something that has attribute wild. We like wild nature, wild west and in the gastronomy wild food became recently very popular. My first memories on this topic are... READ MORE

112, 2018

All you need is Xmas!

By |01/12/2018|News|

It is without any additional pathetic my favorite time of the year. I just love Christmas and everything that goes with it. Ok, maybe not that hectic search for the last minute gifts, nervous drivers on the roads, just holidays'... READ MORE

1103, 2018

Flavours of Dubrovnik

By |11/03/2018|News|

Start of the year was a nice introduction to the gourmet season in Dubrovnik. Few days ago Dubrovnik restaurants were listed in the prestigious Michelin guidebook which is considered to be the Bible of gastronomy. Eleven restaurants got recommendations and... READ MORE

1903, 2017

St. Joseph’s Day and oysters from Ston

By |19/03/2017|News|

I really like food, I like cooking, I like reading recipes and cookbooks. That is the reason I am running an agency together with my sister that is all about presenting authentic local gastronomy to our guests. Before our entrepreneurial... READ MORE

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