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There is something in human nature that we are always attracted with something that has attribute wild. We like wild nature, wild west and in the gastronomy wild food became recently very popular. My first memories on this topic are connected to my early childhood when I went with my granny walking through the fields in the spring and searching for wild herbs such as asparagus and black bryony. It was interesting for me to pick them before anybody else had found them. But honestly I never understood then why this bitter hard plants are so precious and fine for dining. Now, many years after I’ve got the point.

Everybody are talking about their healthy benefits:

  • Reduce of water retention
  • Can help prevent some cancers
  • Aids digestive health
  • Packed with vitamin C and D
  • Full of copper and iron
  • Ideal for pregnant ladies

Short season in early spring and not so big area where they grow makes them really expensive if you buy them on green market. Experienced beggar can earn for them more money than for the beefsteak. But in the past time it saved people from hunger and huge poverty since the meat and fish were on the tables only for special occasions. Another popular wild food at our cooking class menu in spring time is pazija (or mišancija) or bunch of various aromatic edible herbs. Dock, goat’s beard, fennel, dandelion, shallots, chikory… there is no specific number how many herbs should go to „mišancija“. It can be eaten on salad or „pod uje“ – boiled and seasoned with lots of olive oil and served by itself or as a side dish with meat or fish. Organic and fresh right from the forest and meadows, once peasant food, now Michelin guide concept. Some of our favorite recipes that we prepare now with our guests is:

Omellette with asparagus and black bryony

3 eggs

1 spoon flour

little bit of milk

1 spring onion

1 slice of proscuitto or pancetta

salt, pepper

little bit of salty cheese (torotan)

one bunch of asparagus and bryony

Slice onion and proscuitto. Stir eggs with flour and milk in a small bowl. On butter first fry sliced onion, add prosciutto, asparagus, and finally add eggs and cheese. When everything gets thick in the pan make a roll like a pancake and fry little bit more.

We eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One glass of Plavac Mali and your blood count will be renewed.

Relax, find time for yourself and pick your own lunch, enjoy spending time with your family in the nature as this will remind you 30 years after why you started to love wild bitter food. It just evokes sweet memories.

And for the lesson where to find them and how to pick them you should just come in a spring time and join us on our cooking class.

14 travnja, 2019