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Easter this year will be quite different than before and to be honest- it won’t be so bad at all. Since I’m an entrepreneur and foodie running my own business, in other circumstances my life would’ve already become hectic with the start of the tourist season in Dubrovnik. I would have been already running with the first days of March trying to organize the tours and please all the guests’ little wishes to make their experience in Dubrovnik as memorable as possible while reading their amazing feedbacks on Trip Advisor and other platforms and anticipating the new ones. We are always worrying if they really enjoyed our tours and how to make them even better.

At the same time I’m also a mother, and like every mother I’m trying to balance between the two and to spend enough quality time with my family. During the Easter time, like every other family out there, we like to indulge in a bit more extra food so I always try that the table looks perfect, nicely decorated, with lots of food, homemade cakes, free-range roasted lamb, vegetables from our own garden and other delicacies. Then we all gather around the table but before we start to eat I, obviously, have to make an Instagram photo while stopping the children to stick their little fingers into the dips and sauces and to ruin my creations. I’m glad to be able to share these tidbits of my daily life with other mums, foodies, bloggers and designers out there. We are after all, a virtual family with the same real life problems, dreams and aspirations. Even during this #stayathome period because of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, we still share our experiences and give support to each other through social networks.

What’s interesting with these platforms is that we almost always post the best of ourselves- the most wonderful meals we’ve made, happy family moments, ‘red carpet’ like outfits and perfect make-up and haircut photos. Behind my doors and my social networks I am just an ordinary woman in my 10 years-old pajama, yelling on my kids all day, arguing with my husband all the time, cooking and checking how many pounds of weight I’ve gotten during the quarantine since our apartment is small so you can’t exactly keep the “long distance relationship” with the fridge as usual.

Last year on one of our cooking classes during Easter time we were showing guests how to make „pengana jaja“ (colored eggs traditionally created by dripping molten wax from a beeswax candle onto an egg) and they were thrilled by the experience, appreciating that we showed them a small part of our tradition and culture.And that’s exactly what we are trying to accomplish with our tours. This year we will do those eggs with our family trying to create the same sense of community and belonging as every year. Easter Sunday lunch will be still tasty with happy shiny people around the table. Family will be a bit smaller but preparation will be done with the same love, trying to catch that special moment and capture it forever in the heart. Maybe even send not so perfect photo to those who can’t be with us. COVID19 brought us Easter in „fika“ ( fee-ka) mood –Swedish expression for a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.

10 travnja, 2020