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It has past almost a year that I haven’t written any blogs. There are always excuses for those things but no one is obviously a good one. At the beginning of the last season I was pregnant and suffering from bad sickness. I could barely smell the food and hardly taste it, then the season started and it was quite busy, now is the baby but as I sad those are only excuses for not writing anything. That’s why this blog is all about food and the fact what real foodies are looking for when they come to new destination. Local food you shouldn’t miss and escape from the traps of pizza places.

  1. Mussels Buzara, one of my favorite as it doesn’t take too much time for preparation and simple ingredients make it special flavor
  1. Dirty macaroni ( Šporki makaruli) the recipe for his dish you have in one of my previous blogs. It is very traditional, it has story and you can find it in few restaurants in Dubrovnik, one of the best are in restaurant Kopun.
  2. Green cabbage stew with dried smoked meat (Zelena menestra), winter comfort food and therefor a good reason to come in Dubrovnik in off season maybe for the Christmas time.
  3. Grilled sardines – it seems like peasant food style but it now it is consider as one of the healthy meals with wild herbs as a side dish.Unfortunately very rare to find it in restaurants.
  4. Peka (sač) – even the taxi drivers on your way from the airport to the city will point you out that you shouldn’t miss peka. It is consider as our signature dish but it has its origins from the Otoman Empire cuisine. The best in spring is peka with lamb or goat meet and if you are more for seafood than octopus.
  5. Black Risotto – made of cuttle fish and sometimes squid, blackness of the rice comes from the sac ink in the cuttlefish. Before leaving the restaurant check your teeth as you don’t want to scare others.
  6. Cod fish in bianco – traditionaly prepared in every home for Good Friday or Christmas eve. Whole city has strong scent on cod fish. Otherwise you will hardly find it anywhere rest of the year.
  7. Beef stew (Pašticada)
  8. Octopus burger – for those who like street food try this one, we are sure you will be positively surprised
  9. Dalmatian prosciutto and cheese in olive oil – for the breakfast, for the snack with glass of wine ( our Plavac or Pošip), for the popular sandwich in a homemade bread, so simple and so tasty

There is much more food than in this list but this is just introduction and is now it’s up to you to broaden it with your favorites, we gave you just hints☺

24 ožujka, 2019