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It is without any additional pathetic my favorite time of the year. I just love Christmas and everything that goes with it. Ok, maybe not that hectic search for the last minute gifts, nervous drivers on the roads, just holidays’ charitable needs to help everybody but still there are few reasons why I think Christmas is amazing:

Christmas songs – my playlist in the car is ready to be launched on December 1st, everything earlier will be too akward or maybe not? From Mariah Carey to Bing Crosby with the full voice and closed windows, it’s ideal for relieving holiday stress. And then again what can be more precious than little carol singers waiting on the front door on Christmas Eve….

Christmas Movies – Snuggling in a blanket with mug of hot chocolate obsessively rewatching for the 100 time Love Actually or The Holidays, that is a perfect winter evening. Even some holiday comercials can bring us tears, such as Mame i tate su zakon, Coming home for Christmas.

Christmas Decorations – I don’t even have to tell you that Christmas wreath is on my front door already in November but I justify it with the fact that I like Scandinavian lifestyle and their front doors are decorated throughout the year. And all those lights that turn our home into a cosy cottage…. and like for every parent the most special place is DIY decoration of our two year old creator on our Christmas tree.

Christmas baking – that distinctive scent of the cookies that as „madeleine moment“ bring you back your childhood memories from the Grandma’s kitchen. Šape ( walnut cookies in molds) and Paprenjaci ( biscuits with honey and pepper) can’t compare with any modern cake versions because they awake happy moments of our lives.

Christmas in Dubrovnik – for the fourth year in a row the city organized the Dubrovnik Winter Festival. Sampling fritters with cinnamon, eating codfish with local sailors or sausages with sauerkraut and drinking mulled wine will be part of our special Christmas FOOD Tour! Share with us the spirit and joy of the holidays in Dubrovnik. For more info call us or send us message and we’ll get back to you with the tasty offer!

1 prosinca, 2018